SHIHOSHI Story's Jiana Kwon

Q. What brand is 'SHIHOSHI'?

A. It's a kind of an objet which expresses my diary with my daughter SHIHO without writing. Clothes instead of writing fit to my character. It was so exciting for me to express my daily stories with designs and my feelings with colors. Just there appeared a new brand.


Q. What is the background in publishing the  book "SHIHOSHI Story"? How was the readers response?

A. Undoubtedly there was an impact in my early experience of life in the Europe and then in Japan after my marriage. People were always curious about me who were free of ages and positions with different attitudes and views. And there were some proposals to publish my writings and pictures shared on the social network sites while living Japan. Most of the readers may have expected a luxurious showing off since the book was about fashion and style. But the main focus was more on the mom-and-daughter relationship (and the family life) that induced unexpected interests and sympathies.


Q. What is your idea about Fashion or Brand?

A. At first, I'd like to emphasize that the word and meaning of 'fashion' is not restricted only to clothing. In our daily life, the meaning of 'fashionable' is something that has a power to make people smile and be relaxed or creating an order.
For me brand is something irreplaceable. It's an ability to express and transfer my own characters and intentions. People pay no attention to the ideas when I repeat with the gatherings from somewhere else.



Girls Size

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Height (cm) 110-120cm 120-130cm 130-140cm 140-152cm

Moms Size

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